Friday, December 17, 2010

Recently I wrote the following for my new tumblr account. Then I decided that tumblr is not for me, and that I would instead just revamp my blogger. I didn't really want to make a post until the new design is up, but when one's personal blog designer makes personal designs for others for a living, it's hard to get said designer to find free time in which to redesign one's blog...huh? Nevermind. Just stay tuned.

*The tumblr blog that was never to be*
So today I put our Christmas cards in the mailbox and finished pressing the last batch of pizzelles. *satisfied sigh* I love tying up the loose ends of my Christmas season preparations. As D so sweetly puts it, “Now we can start enjoying Christmas!”

Oh, by the way! Welcome everyone, to the new home of my blog. You’ll notice many things are different, most notably the address. Don’t worry, though, the witty banter remains the same. Change for the sake of change, you might say. A fresh start, some early spring cleaning; and thanks to my darling D for the beautifully designed header which should hopefully be changing with the seasons. (Ambitious of me, no?) It’s all part and parcel of my new commitment to blogging, one of my goals for 2011.

Getting my new blog set up is similar to taking a shower when I’m sick. Sometimes I just need a way to trick myself into a second wind. This feels good; good and right.

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