Monday, January 17, 2011

Maid Simple - Rice Cooker

Now I know that you're all going to heave a collective sigh of annoyance at this week's Maid Simple product, but bear with me. A lot of you may have received a rice cooker as a wedding shower gift, or maybe you purchased one with thoughts of perfectly steamed rice dinners and now it's sitting sadly in the back of your least-used cupboard. Well dig that sucker out, man! You don't even know that deep within the confines of your kitchen there hides one of the greatest small kitchen appliances ever invented!

Rice cookers are perfect when you're a working mom (like meh) who needs to make a clean meal for dinner every night. At the beginning of each week I steam a batch of rice with my rice cooker and then divvy it up into glass containers with lids and stick them in the fridge. Then whenever I need a rice side to go with my meal I just take one out and microwave it! So. Easy.

Rice cookers can also steam veggies and fish, did you know that? Talk about a simple, FAST, healthy meal! Awesome!

Now a word about the different kinds of rice cookers out there. The link I provided is for one of the leading brands. The stainless steel one is pretty and has an extra button for brown rice, but you don't need it. The one I have cooks up perfect brown and wild rice every time and it's a lot easier to clean than my other stainless appliances. As for cleaning? Couldn't be easier. The inside comes out when you're done cooking. Just fill it with soap and hot water and let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe out. Simple!

By the way, I know you would NEVER, but please don't ever eat white rice. It's practically poison, as are the rest of white foods. Switching to brown rice, sweet potatoes, and whole wheat breads is the way to go.


Velvet said...

One of my friends uses her rice cooker all the time, and I always say I need to get one of those. I've had a fresh bag of brown rice sitting in the cabinet, just waiting for its moment.

mary said...

I have been on the fence about getting a rice cooker...I think you just pushed me off.
Thanks <3