Thursday, January 20, 2011


Recently, D and I heard the sad news that our neighborhood grocery store will be going out of business. It shouldn't be a surprise, really, since every time we're in there the place is like a ghost town. Still, the 'Albertsons down the street' has always been a frequent stop of ours for one main reason. There's a full-service coffee bar just inside the entrance. It's been there since before we moved to Menifee, we remember going there when we would visit friends here. We've taken countless visitors, friends, family members, and over the years we've actually gotten to know and love the staff. Some of them have memorized our drink orders! So, long story short, now we're going to have to drive all the way into "town" to get our coffee from a bunch of noobs. le sigh.

Here is an excerpt from the thank you note I wrote to the staff at our favorite soon-to-be-closed coffee place:

"We're really going to miss seeing all of your smiling faces in the morning...and afternoon...and evening. We wish you all the best of luck, thanks for all the chais and caramel macchiatos!"

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