Friday, March 11, 2011


Yesterday a BIG FAT thank you went out to my neighbor and Girl Scout Cookie ally, Aurora. She was so enthusiastic about B's cookie sale and really worked her tail off to get as many sales for us as she could. Thanks to her tenacity and business acumen, B may just end up as the troop's top seller this year! She also got B really pumped up for the sale by making her this awesome goal chart!

I think all her enthusiasm really helped to motivate B as well. Thanks Aurora, we honestly could not have done it without you!

*Also, in the interest of full disclosure, today is not Thursday.


Natalie Ensor said...

omg, thank you for stating that it wasn't Thursday. Just about had a meltdown thinking it wasn't Friday.

Natalie Ensor said...

oh and Aurira is awesome.I never did that.I just eat 10 boxes fort myself and it call it a win win.

Aurora Perry said...

I just read your THank you Note. that was so sweet of you to give me a shout out. I so appreciate it. Little B deserves it and I am so excited she got Cali GIrl!! GO B!!