Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adventures in Chiropractics

This week I had my first ever Chiropractor visit. I had debated trying out this 'alternative healing' method for about a year and I finally got so fed up with my musculo-skeletal issues that I figured I didn't have too much to lose. I've been seeing massage therapists for years now, and every time I go I get wonderful relief, but only for a limited amount of time. Then the problems start again. And they elevate until I have muscle spasms and parts of my neck and back seize up for days at a time. I just keep thinking "All I want is to feel like a normal human." I'm only 32, I shouldn't constantly have some ache or pain that bothers me.

Finally my last massage therapist told me that the solution lies in chiropractics. She informed me that if I got "adjusted" then all my muscles would do what they're supposed to instead of fighting against each other. I mewed something non-comittal and went home feeling great. Then a few months ago the spasms started and I felt so tired. Tired of dealing with the pain and constant discomfort, tired of not being able to check my blind spot without turning my whole body around like RoboCop, tired of saying "oh! watch mommy's back" or "don't hang on mommy's neck like that." I mean, come on, really?
So I talked w/ D and we decided I would try it out. I was pretty nervous and shared my concerns with Dr. Cody (apparently all Chiropractors go by first name only) who explained all the science behind the adjustments and showed me on a life-size resin spinal column what exactly was going on with my back. He made me feel safe and really put me at ease with the extent of his knowledge. Every time I revealed a new pain location he seemed to know exactly where it originated and why. The time came for the actual adjustments and I took a deep breath and yielded all my pain to someone who sort of held the key to my last grasp at feeling better.

The entire procedure took less than 10 minutes and when it was over I felt so much better. I'm not feeling 100% like I hope to soon, but I can do a multitude of things easily that were painful before. I'm hoping to go regularly for a little while until all the major issues are quelled and then just go to a sort of maintenance plan after that.

I guess the main thing I learned is that I was wrong. I thought chiropractic was something much less than what it is. In reality, for me at least, it might just be my saving grace when it comes to back pain.


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Chiropractic care takes some time to shape up the body and transform the skeletal and muscular system into the proper locations, you have to remember you are training those systems to take on new memory and break long established habits. Just as you don’t expect (maybe hope) to workout twice and suddenly you’re in shape, Chiropractic care also takes time to achieve the full benefits.

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