Saturday, May 07, 2011

Soft Serve, Roller Coasters, and Spider Man

In all the years we've had Disneyland passes, D and I have never had the opportunity to go by ourselves. Thanks to Cali Girl (crap! I forgot to post about Cali Girl) we finally got the chance.

It was a lovely leisurely stroll with ice cream cones and a stop at the art gallery. Oh, AND we got to meet Mr. Jack Lindquist, first President of Disneyland. He told me I have a lovely name!! *geekswoon*


Yesterday B's Brownie troop took a painting class at the local Michaels. I think she was pretty pleased with the results.

And today was Free Comic Book Day. Spider Man was there making balloon animals for the kiddos.

Spider Man: "Do you want a balloon poodle?" B: "No, a sword." SM: "A pink sword?" B: "No. Green."
Ok, I'm paraphrasing here, but we all know that's basically how it went down.

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