Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Maid Simple: Pie Crust

I can't believe I haven't posted this baking tip yet! I was reminded of it tonight when I didn't use it and became super frustrated. You see, I haven't been sleeping well lately because of a certain dog, who shall remain nameless. Let's just say that when someone invented the E collar, they didn't think about how it would affect the humans trying to sleep in the same room with the dog wearing it. *yawn*

Anyway, tonight I made quiche for dinner, homemade crust and all. And I was working with about 2 hours of sleep in two days and forgot to use my super great method for getting the rolled pie crust into the quiche pan. And I ended up having to piece the stupid thing together. So here's the method, once you try it, I promise you'll never not use it. Unless you're temporarily sleep deprived.

Lay a large piece of Saran Wrap on the counter top and put the pie dough in the middle. No need to flour the surface!

Roll out the dough to the desired size, then starting at one side of the rolled crust with your rolling pin, roll the dough with the Saran Wrap around the pin.

Transfer to your pie dish and carefully unroll.

I'm telling you, it doesn't get any better than that. And hardly any clean up! Now go make some pie. I'm going to bed.

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Natalie Ensor said...

ummm, this information would've been useful to me YESTERDAY!