Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My dog fell down some many steps

I'm going to quickly bring you up to speed. A year and a half ago Dave and I decided that we would like to be completely debt free. Since we had killed all our consumer debt and student loans a few years previous, all that needed to go was the mortgage. A huge beast of a mortgage that we knew we'd never be able to pay off. We knew that selling the house and renting was the next step we needed to make.

Fast forward to January 27 when our real estate agent called and said we could expect to be having to move within the month. We started spending our evenings and weekends looking for rental homes and calling contact numbers. We toured one house that turned out to be just too far away from everything. Then we called on a second house and were given the lock box code so we could go look at it by ourselves. We spent 20 minutes wandering the property and by the time we left we knew it was the one. We applied and were accepted as tenants that evening.

We've been slowly moving things over, painting, cleaning and generally making the transition. We've been worried about Smashy adjusting to the new layout since he's, you know, blind and deaf (heretofore in future posts to be referred to as B&D). Here's the kicker: the house has stairs and lots of them. I took buddy with me yesterday while I went to wait for the internet guys to come. I figured it was as good a time as any to get him acquainted with his new digs. While the guys were there setting up the router I was upstairs unpacking boxes. Smashy was asleep on the floor next to me after venturing up the stairs on his own. I snuck away to take some empty boxes to the garage and on my way back into the house heard a sound which I can only compare to a load of sneakers being violently hurled down the stairs. Except it wasn't sneakers. I involuntarily yelled "NO!" and ran to the landing where Smashy was standing disoriented and dazed. I felt him all over and he didn't yelp, nothing was broken. He wasn't limping, so nothing was sprained. Brain damage? That appears to have happened before he decided to take a flying leap down a 20 ft incline.

I spent the next 15 minutes taking him up and down, teaching him to navigate the switchback staircase. And that's the story of how we decided it was time to move.

...wait, it's not? Oh, then it's a cautionary tale about never leaving your B&D pet alone upstairs in a place they've never been before.



Natalie Ensor said...

oh NO! I got so choked up thinking of him tumbling down then nearly spit out my coffee when I saw that picture you posted. Oh Smashy.

Momto3boys said...

Your stories!! Oh the adventures of the Quiggle household never cease to amaze me!

jennifer said...

Poor smashy. Also I laughed a little ;)