Monday, March 05, 2012

A Post About Posting (A Life Update)

Right now I should be boiling gnocchi for dinner and installing tie-backs for the curtains in my new library (more on that in a hot minute), but instead I'm sitting here behind a large-ish bowl of salsa that I'm pretty sure will make my breath smell like spicy feet, but that I can't stop eating because it's just so daggum good. Also, I'm blogging. I'm blogging to decompress about my recent move. A move that came so fast that it nearly blew my socks off. A move that took so long that...well, let's just say it took 17 months from conception to completion.

We got very used to sitting in the "we'll be moving soon" phase of life that when it actually came time to set the wheels in motion, to choose a new home and begin the process of settling in, it was quite a shock. And actually only took two weeks from the day our realtor called and asked if we had any friends we might be able to stay with (!) if push came to shove and we'd have to leave the house in 3 days. We didn't have to leave the house in 3 days thankyouJesus! But we did feel it necessary to lace up our proverbial running shoes and start pounding the pavement looking for a new home.

We found one in about 5 days and moved in just last weekend. The house has so far been a tremendous blessing. We just love it here. There's only one snag in the current routine, and that is B's school is now a commute instead of being just up the street. Last week was my first week of driving and I HATED it. I hated it like the Grinch hated the Whos. It was dull. But more than that it was sheer drudgery. The traffic, the time, it all gave me headache after headache. By the end of the week I was in such a foul mood that I didn't even want to drive to our favorite Mexican place for dinner. I had had it with driving.

But. Then D came up with an ingenious plan. Books! Well, books on tape. Well, books on iPod, actually. Ebooks! And plenty of free ones in public domain thanks to this great site. So today as I braved the treacherous commuter traffic on the 215 freeway, I was serenaded by a sweet voice reading chapter one of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". When we pulled into the school parking lot I almost couldn't believe that we had just been on the freeway for 20 minutes! And that's how D solved my commuter problem. Now, much like the Grinch, I am enjoying my time with my once loathsome nemesis.

Here are some pictures of the new house. (squee!)

My mom sent this gorgeous congratulatory bouquet this past weekend. It matched my new kitchen!

B picked two stems to have on her dresser in her new room.

My new office!

We also have a library, which makes me swoon just to say it! It's not finished yet, but it's my pet project so I'm taking my time.

Smashy has adjusted accordingly and has become proficient, nay, a master of the switchback staircase! He still bumps into things, "ricochets" as D says, but he's getting more comfortable in his new diggings every day. Just like we all are. Adjusting takes time, but thanks be to Jesus, we're already feeling very at home here.

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ilene. said...

I'm curious about your decision to sell your house. I know you spoke about being debt free - but how do you reconcile that freedom with renting knowing that renting is money that goes towards no kind equity? My guess is you walked away from the house with some money - is that the money you'll use to pay rent for a while? I know my thinking is totally conventional, but I'm always interested in new perspectives. :)