Wednesday, August 20, 2008

15 Days...It's just a birthday, right?

Today I have emerged from a month-long mourning period in honor of my 20s. This Shiva-like period of lamentation came upon me as a sudden and unwelcome funk, for which I received much disapproval from friends and family. In fact, I hadn't even realized until this week that I was under this black cloud. (Incidentally, I also realized this week that I have a great love of sandwiches, so not all bad.) So today as I was being cranky about everything under the sun I finally made a conscious decision to cast off the mourning shroud and face the next 15 days with reckless abandon. I am giving myself over to the number that has caused me so much trepidation. I can either celebrate or deny my coming of age and today I choose to celebrate it. Tomorrow may be a different story and I may totally backslide on this objective, but today I am brave and I'm putting my face to the wind.


Wonder Woman said...

You're beautiful, with a beautiful family to match. Your life is fairy dust. 30 will be magical. :)

jennifer said...

Seriously shanifer it is just a number! Seriously though could you email me again I need to ask a question.

karoline said...

i'll throw my two cents in here. so far, thirty has been better than year twenty-nine for me. not sure if that helps. i imagine you will live your thirtieth year beautifully.