Friday, March 27, 2009

'That's a spicy Chai!' and 'Santa Ana Sinus Infection'

A few days ago I started getting one of my trademark sinus infections because of all the dust blowing through our little desert city thanks to the Santa Ana winds. Neti Pot to the rescue! and lots of water. I think I might beat this one back before it gets really bad.
Also, today's iced Chai is very spicy!

Yesterday the Dunns came up for a morning meeting/staff photo shoot. A national music magazine picked up Facedown Records as their Company Spotlight for the next issue (May) and that meant they needed an updated (read: not Christmas-themed) photo of the FD staff. D and I tried to convince J to use a shot of him and the doggies as we really did not want to have our faces in a magazine...or was that just me? But J thought it best to have a real staff photo...the shoot was awkward and embarrassing at the worst of times but we got the shot we were hoping for. I'm actually glad we did it and I'm excited to be in the magazine. The shoot was fun and informal and had a sweet added bonus of hang out time. Dave's friend of 20-some odd years is visiting with us this week and just happens to be pretty handy with a camera, so he'll get his name as a by line under the photograph.

Below are some 'light tests' from the shoot.

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