Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Friday

B's 2nd grade adventure comes complete with something called "Fun Friday" which, in essence, takes Fridays from 'something to look forward to' to all-out fanatical "we're making ice cream today" school adventure. Her teacher loves indulging her students (especially when they work so hard all week) and takes the opportunity to do just that every Friday. "Fun Friday" consists mainly of games, treats, crafts and I'm sure the occasional hootin' and hollerin', all this of course after the kids put in a decent day's work.
B's had a few weeks of this and is really learning to love Fun Fridays. I have to tell you I was a bit jealous! Even though D and I both work at home and sometimes rarely even know what day of the week it is, unless of course it's a Tuesday release day, I couldn't help but think how nice it would be to have something special to look forward to at the end of each week. Now that we're eating clean and my work out schedule is more rigorous than ever I really felt like I needed something indulgent for all my hard work. So D and I decided to have our own version of Fun Friday at the end of each week. The idea was motioned, seconded and passed (high-fived) last night during The Office commercials. This was how the day was meant to go: Starbucks in the morning, 1/2 brc's for lunch and Red Robin for dinner. Due to Applestances beyond D's control here is how the day did go: Starbucks in the afternoon, no lunch for D, clean salad for me, and as of right now, no dinner.
I've been mauling everything from apples and almond butter to carrots and humus since 4, hoping to stave off dinner hunger until such time as D is available to go with me to eat. The problem is that I've been eating every 2 hours for the last 3 weeks which makes it really hard to wait this long for dinner. Which brings us to the real reason I'm blogging. Killing time, keeping my mind off of the meal I'm missing. I didn't realize just how hungry I'd be while eating clean...every 2 hours I am looking for that next meal.
OH! Which reminds me! This morning, on a total lark, I tried on a pair of Seven jeans (not know for their forgiveness in the leg area) that have been hanging sadly in my closet for a year. Not only do they now fit me, they went on as smoothly as a pair of stretchy pants...or nearly, anyway. D was in a sleep coma so I trotted my hot A over to Nat's at 7am to show myself off. I'm not super surprised that they fit, I've been busting my rear (literally) to get my size down. But I definitely didn't expect it to happen so soon!
Now back to reality. It's 10 minutes to the time we're supposed to leave for dinner, D's still on the phone with "Nick" from Apple and I just heard him say "I guess what I want to know is how can I NOT have any more problems with my computer? Because it sure seems like I have way more than the average Mac user." I'm sad for him. His Apple-story is way too long to blog, suffice to say that he's had severe problems with their products ranging over the past 4 years. Poor mister. Looks like we dine in tonight.


DawnaHartman said...

Can I just say - I am SO proud of you!!! I didn't know you had switched to eating "clean" on top of your crazy workout schedule. You seriously are my hero. I cannot wait to see you and your Hot A in just a couple of weeks now...

ohchicken said...

dude, i've so got to get my workout s together. i am a colossal fail.

re: applefail, i sure am doing my bestest from here to make it all better.

Wonder Woman said...

You go girl! I'm curious: what kind of meals are you eating? I'm forever in a quest to reshape my figure. And workouts? Are you busting on the cardio or doing some serious muscle work? Whatever it is, I do hope you post pictures. You're an inspiration!!