Thursday, February 17, 2011


B and I made a terrarium today for Brownies. It actually turned out pretty neat looking. B's been working on her own to make up the Try-Its (vest patches) she missed because she joined the troop late. There were quite a few, probably somewhere around 20-30, and each Try-It is pretty involved. For instance, the one we did today was all about being "Earth aware" so not only did we have to make a terrarium, but we had to mix our own earth-friendly window cleaner and bathroom cleaners, and study earth worms. We didn't study earth worms, there were none to be found. We did play several rounds of Jan-Ken-Pon, though as part of a different Try-It about "Games Around the World." Apparently the Japanese invented Rock, Paper, Scissors, did you know that? Well, now you do. It's called Janken. You face your opponent, hold your hands behind your back and say Jan-Ken-Pon. When you say "pon" you bring your hand out from behind your back in the shape of either a rock, paper or scissors. First one to beat their opponent 7 times wins the game.

We had time to work on two Try-Its this week since B's school is on furlough. I'm finding equal parts joy and frustration at having B home from school all week. I love seeing her little face around the house all day, and I love doing things for her like making her lunch and playing cards with her. I love kissing her smooth little cheeks and smelling her warm head whenever I pass her in the hallway. It's just those few moments, maybe one or two a day, and always right around 3:00, when she goes into Squirrel mode and is bouncing off the walls that I just want to get in the car, drive down the street, park and sit in silence for 15-20 minutes. I realize now how important school is for moms. It gets the children out of the house long enough to refresh our spirits and quench our thirst for solitude and silence, but also long enough so that we begin to miss their little faces just as 2:00 rolls around.

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